How We Benefit Attorneys:

1. Gain full access to our database of top-notch medical specialists in a variety of specialties.

2. Obtain referrals to  medical specialists on a lien basis.

3. Access to coverage for medical treatment.

4. Receive prompt scheduling and treatment authorization for clients.

5. Procure the power of choosing your own medical specialists.

It’s time to use Olive Branch Medical when your client lacks the insurance coverage needed to obtain medical care for their injuries.

Simply provide us their basic case information and upon approval, we’ll help coordinate medical treatment for your client using health care providers of your choosing and can also refer clients to the needed physicians.

Any evaluation and/or necessary treatment will be funded and covered as a medical lien held by Olive Branch Medical and better yet, the evaluation/approval process is relatively simple for all parties involved.

If any of these situations apply or you would like an evaluation on a particular situation or case, please contact us directly at (702) 534-2577.

We’re excited to start working with your firm and would be happy to present our full range of services.

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Once your payment account is setup and patients are uploaded, our rapid payment processing system can begin funding your medical care. 

3) Build Your Business

No need to wait for cases to settle or marketing to kick in; we’re here to help start building your practice today, only one phone call away!

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